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Our Company at a Glance

Some of What We secure:

Here at IRON LYFE, we are dedicated to you and all of your different security needs.

Our staff has a combined experience in the security industry of 35+ years and we are dedicated to creating a safe world for our clients . But, our most important Success is making you a happy, and life-long customer. 


Some of the Benefits You Will Enjoy Include:

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Taking Care of Your Business

It's sometimes difficult to know just how your business needs to be protected and what you should be protecting, but don't worry, today we're going to  create a solution for all of your questions.

Protecting your world

We know it's often hard to determine how to protect your assets from being in harms way, it is our pleasure to assist you in  combating threats that mean you and your business harm.

  • Commercial Properties
  • Dignitaries 
  • Residential Properties
  • Private Events
  • Businesses  
  • Custom Solutions
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